Geography and Location of Bais City

Bais City is located on the east coast of Negros island, about 45 kilometers north of Dumaguete City, the capital city of Negros Oriental. Its name is derived from the Visayan word "ba-is" for brackish-water eel – a fish species native to the city and one which has become the city's delicacy.

A former barrio and later a municipality, Bais, officially became a city on September 9, 1968 (R.A. No. 5444).

Bais City is a third class city in the second district of Negros Oriental, Philippines. In the 2010 Census of Population and Housing by the National Statistics Office, it had a total population 0f 74,722. Considered as the one of the primary producers of sugar in the province, Bais City is also becoming popular in the tourism industry for its dolphin watching attractions.

Bais City is one of the cleanest and safest cities of the Philippines in Negros Oriental province. The main tourist draw is whale and dolphin watching in the Tanon Strait between Bais and the neighbouring island of Cebu.

The whole municipal area has a population of more than 80,000 and the major economic activity is sugar cane growing with a few wealthy families dominating both the local politics and economy. The central market has just been re-built as a large two-storey building of unusual design but pedicabs still ply the streets as a legacy of a Dutch NGO's project to alleviate rural poverty.

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Call for nominations for outstanding Baisanon awards 2018

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The City Population, Information and Community Affairs Division (CPICAD) launches its advocacy campaign on Anti-Violence Against Women and their Children (R.A 9262) in different clustered barangays.

BARANGAY CLASSES <br> Calasga-an, Panam-angan, Basak
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 Upcoming Events!

Bais City is popular in its events and festivals. People from different cities gather themselves to witness and celebrate some of the annual celebrations the city have.

San Nicolas de Tolentino
Golden Charter Anniversary and Annual Fiesta (August 11th - September 10th)
Hudyaka sa Bais
Hudyaka sa Bais (September 7th day)
Pasko sa Bais
Pasko sa Bais (1st week December - 2nd week Febuary)
Salawaki and Seafoods Festivals
Salawaki and Seafoods Festivals (September 1st week)

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Bais City Tourism

Bais is endowed with cultural, natural and religious tourist attractions. Visiting Bais City is like being trapped in a different time zone where everything is lush and pristine.

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Food & Delicacies

Delicious and healthy food that are produced here, will surely be an important part of your trip experience here in Bais

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