List of Punong Barangay

Barangay I EDMOND A. TINGSON 402-9658
Barangay II GREGG MARIO A. SINGCO 09978038884 | 402-8866
Basak JAIME M. CULE 09434306390 | 09277167516
Biñohon NOIL L. RAMIREZ 09167724247
Cabanlutan JOSEMARIE C. BANDOY 09558395225
Calasga-an NORMA M. JUMUAD 09161607894
Cambanjao HOSPICIO B. PAQUERA JR. 09750416855 | 09759195101
Cambagahan JOEMARIE T. BADOY 09164962165
Cambaguio RUDY T. DEVIBAR 09167419093
Cambuilao SERGIO A.SILVA 09161419018
Canlargo RAMON P. ADALID 09473344421
Capiñahan MATHAN B. ESPINAS 09059558521
Consolacion BRUNO BOUFFARD III 09177246814
Dansulan SOFIA Z. PIÑERO 09367414096
Hangyad BENJAMIN A. EPA 09327560889
Katacgahan MANUEL P. JAMITO JR. 09268330309
Lapaz WILFREDO GABLINES 09975062196
Lonoy EFREN T. GARINGO 09353653239
Mabunao ROGER C. AMADAR 09265040950
Manlipac TEOFE A. ZAMORA 09268020822
Mansangaban GERRY T. BOLINGGO 09392685705
Okiot LUCRECIO D. CABUAL 09173716539 | 09223208172
Olympia ORLANDO A. CUBA 09367145267
Panala-an DANILO T. CELIS 09757318823
Panam-angan NELSON M. MATOS 09653913847
Rosario ANGELA CABCABAN 09053421458 | 09053421457
Sab-ahan AZOR R. TUGDANG 09265317758
San Isidro FIDELA P. SOTOMAYOR 09974337842
Tagpo DANILO C. CALORING 09357665610
Talungon JEROME G. CHIU 09187539754
Tamisu ANNABEL D. JIMENEZ 09950142773
Tamogong BERNALDO L. AMARO JR. 09361408356
Tangculogan JOSE RAMON B. ARNAIZ 09197773035 | 09277546232
Valencia RICKY T. BUQUIRAN 09358630796

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Call for nominations for outstanding Baisanon awards 2018

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 Previous Events!

The City Population, Information and Community Affairs Division (CPICAD) launches its advocacy campaign on Anti-Violence Against Women and their Children (R.A 9262) in different clustered barangays.

BARANGAY CLASSES <br> Calasga-an, Panam-angan, Basak
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 Upcoming Events!

Bais City is popular in its events and festivals. People from different cities gather themselves to witness and celebrate some of the annual celebrations the city have.

San Nicolas de Tolentino
Golden Charter Anniversary and Annual Fiesta (August 11th - September 10th)
Hudyaka sa Bais
Hudyaka sa Bais (September 7th day)
Pasko sa Bais
Pasko sa Bais (1st week December - 2nd week Febuary)
Salawaki and Seafoods Festivals
Salawaki and Seafoods Festivals (September 1st week)

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Bais City Tourism

Bais is endowed with cultural, natural and religious tourist attractions. Visiting Bais City is like being trapped in a different time zone where everything is lush and pristine.

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Finding a place to stay here in Bais is never a problem. You're sure to find the perfect place to call home for your stay. Through our various hotels and guest houses available to cater your needs. We have the best places to stay while you're here in Bais.

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Food & Delicacies

Delicious and healthy food that are produced here, will surely be an important part of your trip experience here in Bais

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