Procurement 53.9

PR. No Project Date Published Pre-bid Closing Date Status Cost File Name Download
JSOR 139-18 Catering services good for 250 participants for the Senior Citizen Week Celebration on October 26, 2018 at City Cultural Hall, Bais City 2018-10-09 N / A 2018-10-16 Closed Php 62,500.00 Catering-Services-JSOR-139-18.pdf
765-18 to be used for response operations 2018-10-09 N / A 2018-10-16 Closed Php 155,300.00 1-set-Radio-base-etc.-PR-765-18.pdf
758-18 Fabrication of tables 2018-09-27 N / A 2018-10-02 Closed Php 71,325.00 2 60 10-shts-Marine-Plywood-etc-PR-758-18.pdf
JSOR 135-18 Catering services of snacks and meals during the Gender Sensitivity Training/Orientation on the Magna Carta of Women and Gender Planning and Budgeting Workshop for Barangay Captains, Barangay Treasurers and VAW Desk Officers on Sept. 18-20 and Sept. 25-27, 2018 at S4K Building, Bais City 2018-09-10 N / A 2018-09-13 Closed Php 75,600.00 Catering-Services-JSOR-135-18.pdf
717-18 For use of office of the Municipal Trial Court in Cities, Bais City 2018-08-30 N / A 2018-09-04 Closed Php 50,000.00 17-pcs.-HP-Laserjet-etc.-PR-717-18.pdf
716-18 For Renovation of Distribution Lines at the Mercado de Bais, Bais City 2018-08-24 N / A 2018-09-04 Closed Php 75,750.00 200-meters-AWG-Copper-Conductor-etc.-PR-716-18.pdf
693-18 For the use of Clinical and Drug Testing Laboratory 2018-08-24 N / A 2018-09-04 Closed Php 72,250.00 100-rolls-Paper-Towel-etc.-PR-693-18.pdf
692-18 For distribution as fertilizer subsidy to the High Value Crop farmers (High Value Crop Production Program) 2018-08-24 N / A 2018-09-04 Closed Php 90,150.00 43-bags-Synthetic-Complete-Fertilizer-etc.-PR-692-18.pdf
713-18 For use in the Administrative Division, City Mayor’s Office, Bais City 2018-08-24 N / A 2018-09-04 Closed Php 100,000.00 1-unit-Room-Airconditioner-PR-713-18.pdf
714-18 For use in the replacement of worn-out parts of FUSO DT # 123004 2018-08-24 N / A 2018-09-04 Closed Php 65,000.00 1-pc.-Hydraulic-Pump-Cylinder-PR-714-18.pdf
691-18 For prevention and control of deadly Dengue Carrier (Aedes Aegypti Mosquito) 2018-08-20 N / A 2018-08-28 Closed Php 412,250.00 485-sachet-Larvicide-PR-691-18.pdf
JSOR 126-18 Catering services for 339 participants/fisherfolks/farmers/facilitators/judges/guests/resource persons, for three (3) day Agri Fishery and Business/Industrial Trade Fair on August 24-26, 2018 at Bais City Ball Field, Negros Oriental 2018-08-15 N / A 2018-08-23 Closed Php 66,800.00 Catering-services-JSOR-126-18.pdf
677-18 For the use in the operation and maintenance of various vehicles at ABC Office, Bais City 2018-08-15 N / A 2018-08-23 Closed Php 66,665.90 666-ltrs.-Gasoline-etc.-PR-677-18.pdf

 Ongoing Events!

The City Population, Information and Community Affairs Division (CPICAD) launches its advocacy campaign on Anti-Violence Against Women and their Children (R.A 9262) in different clustered barangays.

BARANGAY CLASSES <br> Calasga-an, Panam-angan, Basak
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 Upcoming Events!

Bais City is popular in its events and festivals. People from different cities gather themselves to witness and celebrate some of the annual celebrations the city have.

San Nicolas de Tolentino
Golden Charter Anniversary and Annual Fiesta (August 11th - September 10th)
Hudyaka sa Bais
Hudyaka sa Bais (September 7th day)
Pasko sa Bais
Pasko sa Bais (1st week December - 2nd week Febuary)
Salawaki and Seafoods Festivals
Salawaki and Seafoods Festivals (September 1st week)

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Bais City Tourism

Bais is endowed with cultural, natural and religious tourist attractions. Visiting Bais City is like being trapped in a different time zone where everything is lush and pristine.

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Food & Delicacies

Delicious and healthy food that are produced here, will surely be an important part of your trip experience here in Bais

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