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Bais City is endowed with cultural, natural and religious tourist attractions. Visiting Bais City is like being trapped in a different time zone where everything is lush and pristine. Apart from the lushness of its plain, Bais also boasts of rich Hispanic culture and tradition. Present day practices and traditions show traces of a strong Spanish influence. Beautiful faces witness to a heredity of mixed Spanish, Malay, Chinese and Filipino lineage. The city's people are indeed one of its assets.

The natural attractions also abound, and are all within the reach of the visitor. One can go island-hopping or spend restful moments in these sites separately. Baisanons always welcome you a smile opening their doors inviting you to have a closer look of their city.

Talabong Mangrove Park

The 400-hectare Talabong Mangrove Forest, located at Kanumay Island is a natural habitat and nestling place of various specis of birds and other wildlife. It is the largest remaining mangrove forest in the entire island of Negros Oriental. It was also declared in 1985 by DENR as a "Game of Refuge" wildlife sanctuuary and a tourist spot. A 200-meter offshore mooring and concrete walkway leading to the sandy area of the mangrove was installed.

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Bais Bay Dolphin and Whale Watching

A cruise along TaƱon Strait on Bais Bay could provide you an exciting once-in-a-lifetime experience of watching playful dolphins and graceful whale species such as the dwarf speerm whales, pilot whales, melon-headed whales and whale sharks, to name a few. Dolphin and Whale Watching trips are recommended during the month of March to November.

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A 7-kilometer stretched of pristine, powdery white sand and beautiful coral reef, the Sand Bar is located at the North Bais Bai and is only visible during low tide. An early morning 15 to 30-minute boat ride to the snd bar provides the visitor with an excellent bonus: the breathtaking Bais sunrise. The Sand Bar is a perfect site for sunbathing, frolicking, snorkeling and diving.

Lag-it Beach and Boulevard

It is ideal for swimming and other recreational activities. The boulevard, located in Barangay Okiot is an ideal picnic are that features a row of nipa huts with grilling area.

Okiot Island Hilltop

This provides one of the breathtaking view of the plain of Bais City. One can watch the sunrise or sunset or Bais Bay from the island

Local Churches
St. Nicholas de Tolentino Parish (Roman Catholic Church)
Iglesia Filipina Independiente (Aglipay Church)
Iglesia ni Cristo
United Church of Christ in the Philippines

The local churches bear the Hispanic-influence of Negros Oriental's history. One chapel worth visiting is that of the Central Azucarera de Bais whose altar and icons date back to 1917.

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Call for nominations for outstanding Baisanon awards 2018

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The City Population, Information and Community Affairs Division (CPICAD) launches its advocacy campaign on Anti-Violence Against Women and their Children (R.A 9262) in different clustered barangays.

BARANGAY CLASSES <br> Calasga-an, Panam-angan, Basak
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 Upcoming Events!

Bais City is popular in its events and festivals. People from different cities gather themselves to witness and celebrate some of the annual celebrations the city have.

San Nicolas de Tolentino
Golden Charter Anniversary and Annual Fiesta (August 11th - September 10th)
Hudyaka sa Bais
Hudyaka sa Bais (September 7th day)
Pasko sa Bais
Pasko sa Bais (1st week December - 2nd week Febuary)
Salawaki and Seafoods Festivals
Salawaki and Seafoods Festivals (September 1st week)

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Bais City Tourism

Bais is endowed with cultural, natural and religious tourist attractions. Visiting Bais City is like being trapped in a different time zone where everything is lush and pristine.

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Finding a place to stay here in Bais is never a problem. You're sure to find the perfect place to call home for your stay. Through our various hotels and guest houses available to cater your needs. We have the best places to stay while you're here in Bais.

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Delicious and healthy food that are produced here, will surely be an important part of your trip experience here in Bais

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