The City Anti-Drug Abuse Council (CADAC) together with PDEA Region VII conducted a meeting at the Cultural Heritage, New Public Market, regarding the establishment of Balay Silangan, which is one of the criteria for a drug-cleared city. Also discussed in the meeting was the plan to create the City Reformation Program Committee.During the meeting, twelve (12) barangays were declared “drug-cleared” and were awarded with certificates. The drug-cleared barangays are Brgy. Basak, Brgy. BiΓ±ohon, Brgy. Cabanlutan, Brgy. Cambuilao, Brgy. Lapaz, Brgy. Mabunao, Brgy. Manlipac, Brgy. Olympia, Brgy. Panala-an, Brgy. Sab-ahan, Brgy. Talungon, and Brgy. Tamisu.