Office Office Head Landline No./Cellphone No. Email
Office of the City Mayor Hon. Mercedes Teves Goñi (035)402-4931
    City Administrator’s Office Atty. Romela L. Napao (035)502-2545
    Human Resource Management & Development Office Sally B. Wong (035)402-2019
    Civil Security Office Luigi Marcel Teves Goñi
    City Population, Information and Community Affairs Division (CPICAD) Bemar D. Torres (035)531-6136
    Permit Section Office Jesus Teodoro A. Ferraren (035)522-2014
    Information & Communications Technology Office Jesus Noel Yorell C. Ybañez (035)527-3260
    Multimedia Office Clark Chester E. Real (035)523-2115
    Tourism Office Kurt Constantine S. Celis (035)522-8851
    Local Disaster Risk Reduction Management Division Emmylou O. Calumpang (035)402-3827
    Public Information Office Andres T. Guavarra (035)522-8696
Office of the Sangguniang Panlungsod Rodolfo Andrew V. De Guia Jr. (035)531-3566 (2nd Floor) | (035)531-8260 (Session Hall)
Office of the City Planning & Development Coordinator Ma. Angeles Socorro A. Banogon (035)402-3797
Office of the City Civil Registrar Jose F. Balansag 09554811986
Office of the City General Services Officer Engr. Nancy B. Reyna (035)402-8115
Office of the City Budget Officer Arsenio C. Adana (035)402-8254
Office of the City Accountant Lorelei C. Balansag (035)402-2093
Office of the City Treasurer Angelo V. Sarabia (035)402-8261
    Office of the Market Supervisor Diego Pino (035)523-4801
Office of the City Assessor Margarita O. Borromeo (035)402-8542
Office of the City Health Officer Dr. Ma. Corazon R. Cablao (035)402-3233 | (LAB) (035)402-3179
Office of the City Social Welfare & Development Officer Maria Corazon Z. Dinopol 09563508599
Office of the City Agriculturist Wilfredo S. Manila (035)402-3519
Office of the City Veterinarian Melanie F. Pescadilla (035)527-2051
Office of the City Engineer Engr. Elvis T. Libradilla (035)402-9459
Office of the City Legal Officer Atty. Lloyd Jeson L. Elmaco (035)522-8558
Office of the Environment & Natural Resources Officer Melijon T. Buquiran (035)402-9505
Office of the BAC Secretariat (035)402-8047
Office of the City DILG Officer Anson L. Baroro (035)523-4392
Bais District Hospital (035)402-8047
Traffic Management Office (035)522-4114
Bureau of Fire Protection (035)402-9455